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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Who has the greenest fingers?

Look at me launching one of the most exciting competitions for gardeners ever known – The Can You Dig It? Greenfingers Challenge – a competition so exciting that I had to be fenced off with protective barriers when we unveiled it to the world outside this marvellous shop in North Devon. No it isn’t another silly competition between Dan and me but an exciting nationwide gardening challenge that we’re running as part of our UK tour in a bid to find the town with the greenest fingers in the land. At each venue we visit we’re asking audiences to plant seeds during the interval. We will be keeping track of their progress on this website in order to identify the area with the best allotmenteering talent. It’s X Factor for gardeners.

So far we have been pleased with participants’ enthusiasm but not that impressed with results. For example, someone in Taunton, the location for our very first show, let the town down very badly by planting seed potatoes. Fair enough, there were seed potatoes next to the seed trays we had provided but anyone who knows anything about planting potatoes would know they will not do very well in a couple of cms of seed compost. Tsk!








In Great Torrington, North Devon, someone planted some actual sprouts despite the fact sprout seeds were provided. Yes – we all love sprouts. Anyone who has seen the show will know how much Dan and I love sprouts. But come on! That’s not how sprouts work. Someone also planted some money as an example of wishful thinking. We sincerely hope the people of Berwick do better when we head up to the Maltings Theatre on March 3.






PS: Someone in Taunton did try to question the scientific validity of our quest by pointing out that how well the seeds do relies on Dan and I watering them. Rest assured we will lavish the same care and attention on these seeds as we do on our own plots. They may well be doomed.

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