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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Whissonsett set


This is me just before we did our first show of 2014 in the delightful village of Whissonsett in Norfolk. Dan told me to adopt a triumphant pose, which is why I have flung my head and shoulders back. Also note the triumphant squash virtually centre stage. We had a great time doing the show thanks to the lovely folk in the audience and the efforts of indefatigable local promoter Lesley Pegg, who gave me some of her delicious homemade blackcurrant jelly to take home with me.

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know I sing a song about the time someone put up a sign at my allotment that said: “To whoever stole my giant marrow, I hope it does you no good.” Well, a lady came up to me after the show to say someone on her allotment had erected a similar sign that said: “I knows who took my onions.” Putting up angry signs appears to be a common theme of allotment life. I am keen to gather more examples and photos for a coffee table book of angry signs. I think we also met the man who grows all the herbs for Colman’s sauces – that’s a lot of herbs.

Anyway, we look forward to returning to the area very soon with three more shows for Creative Arts East – two in Norfolk and one in Suffolk. In the meantime, we both need to get down to our allotments, which have been badly neglected in all the wet weather. Dan tells me that he has re-built his shed, which was blow apart in the recent Big Storm. Meanwhile I have been living on last year’s crops – mainly squash. However, that’s nearly run out so I really do need to grow some new stuff.


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