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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

What to give the girl who has everything

The next leg of the Can You Dig It? tour has got off to an excellent start with the arrival this morning of this amazing gift from a “fan” (my friend’s mum). It is an incredible Can You Dig It? limited edition “quillow” a cross between a quilt and a pillow so named because it can fold up into a pillow shape or be spread out as seen below. I plan to take it on tour and snuggle up under it and go to sleep while Dan does all the driving.


I particularly like the label on my new Can You Dig It? quillow, which says “For Jo ‘Who Can'”. If any other “fans” would like to send Dan and me any quirky gifts then we will be happy to receive them. Daniel-Don’t-Like-Vegetables’ mum made me the vegetable-patterned apron I wear for our vegetable instrument workshops and I am keen to see this trend continue. What can your mum make me?


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