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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

We’re on our way!

Dan and I are on the same train to Edinburgh. However, I am in first class and Dan is in third class, I think. While I have been enjoying free coffee, booze and food, Dan has probably been eating dust and drinking the tears of all the crying babies in his compartment. I am allowed to be mean about Dan’s inferior train accommodation because he has already been mean to me – before the train even set off – by mocking my many bags, which are admittedly heavy and cumbersome. Dan has a wheeled suitcase as big as a shed but I don’t approve of wheeled suitcases. However, it’s important we don’t fall out before the show has even started so I will try and overlook Dan’s cruel luggage jibes.

Yesterday was a sad day because I said goodbye to my allotment for a month. I handed over the key to my mother who has promised to harvest my courgettes before they turn into giant marrows.

I must go now to eat the free slice of cake I have just been given.




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