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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

We nearly get arrested

Dan and I are having a very exciting time in West Cumbria. We really enjoyed last night’s show in Lamplugh (pronounced Lampla) although the show nearly had to be cancelled for technical reasons when I opened this packet of sprouts, the last packet of sprouts in Co-op in Keswick, to discover that they had gone off and smelled horrible – even worse than normal. I was nearly sick. Anyone who has already seen the show will know that sprouts have a central role so this was a minor catastrophe. However, because we are showbiz pros, we simply soldiered on with the rotten sprouts.

On our way back to our hotel after the show, we were stopped by the police who thought we were burglars. They were suspicous of a van piled high with stuff driving around late at night. Luckily the fresh-faced copper who flashed his blue lights at us, swallowed our story that we were merely doing a vegetable cultivation-based musical comedy show.

This morning we were on BBC Radio Cumbria. Here is a picture of Dan being interviewed by the lovely Ben, whose girlfriend has an allotment. We’re now off to Waberthwaite. We’ll be in Ireleth tomorrow night and at the Kirkgate in Cockermouth on Sunday when we’ll also be doing a vegetable instrument-making workshop as part of the Taste Cumbria food festival. I am currently attempting to write a handout for our students but have realised that it is almost impossible to explain on paper how to make vegetable instruments.


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