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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

We go on Gardeners’ Question Time!

GQTWe had a very exciting day yesterday, recording some of our songs for BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time! We did a short set of some of our material in front of the GQT panel and audience when the programme came to Hoxton Hall as part of the Chelsea Fringe. Naturally, we performed some of our Gardeners’ Question Time Eurovision song, which should have been chosen to represent the UK in Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe now we have sung it on Radio 4, the people who pick songs for Eurovision will see sense.

This is me on the GQT stage where we performed. I have very long arms like a pterodactyl.

It was a huge thrill for me to be on GQT because I listen to the programme nearly every week and sometimes follow the experts’ advice. For example, I spent ages grinding pepper onto my flowerbeds after a GQT panelist said it was a good way to deter cats. And it was very exciting to meet chair Eric Robson and the experts – Bob Flowerdew, Matthew Wilson and Bunny Guinness. We got to hang out with them in the green room and Bob even showed us some of his own comedy songs including one about cider and another one that mentioned a lot of different types of drugs (but concluded that the best drug was love). Matthew Wilson asked about my ukulele – he plays the guitar – and Bunny Guinness was very keen for us to make a pop video of our Gardeners’ Question Time song.

The programme itself will be broadcast on Friday afternoon this week so listen out. Now we can put “as heard on Gardeners’ Question Time” on all our posters, which is brilliant! Here is a picture of me with Bob Flowerdew, looking like a demented fan, which is what I am.


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