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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

We are carefully transplanted

I’ve arrived at my flat in Edinburgh, ready for our month-long run of Can You Dig It? at the Royal Botanic Garden. It was a pleasant journey, marred only by Jo Stephenson’s disparaging comments when she saw me pulling a wheeled suitcase. Jo has what I would describe as a reactionary attitude to wheeled suitcases, and recently even went so far as to compose a lengthy protest song with the refrain:

Wheeled suitcases
Wheeled suitcases
Should be banned
In public places.

If we’re lucky she’ll be playing it around Edinburgh, perhaps at Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret.

My flat is half-way between the Royal Botanic Garden and the town centre. Like all Edinburgh flats it’s forbidding on the outside, dark and enormous within, and has a Yale lock which only opens if you wiggle the key in exactly the right way.

I already feel at home because I’ve got at least one, and probably two neighbours who are growing their own vegetables. In the window of the flat next door, the occupier is growing several impressive-looking tomato plants. And as I was coming into the building I noticed that somebody had left a bag of John Innes No.1 in the stairwell.

Is it the same person? Is it too much of a coincidence that the proud window-grown tomatoes and the bag of John Innes No.1 are found on the same premises? Or is a different neighbour the owner of the compost, given that (and only a few of our readers will have spotted this) mature tomato plants are far more likely to thrive in John Innes No.2 or No.3?

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