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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Splendid Seavington


Dan and I were given a very warm welcome when did the show in Seavington (pronounced Sevington), Somerset on Saturday. Not only had our hosts adorned the stage with homegrown fruit and veg, and THREE bags of John Innes compost, but a local artist had created a series of glorious paintings as a backdrop to our sold out performance.



The show was organised by fellow Jo and award-winning vegetable grower Jo Mills. She’s an archaeologist by trade and sometimes organises talks so had to explain to villagers that the show was about a different type of digging (the world’s best musical comedy show about archaeology Can You Dig It Up? is still in development).

Jo did an excellent job in fulfilling all the requirements of our show rider, including providing Hungry Caterpillar tissues and homegrown tomatoes in the dressing room. I won’t go on stage unless I can blow my nose on a Hungry Caterpillar tissue and Dan refuses to sing unless he has fresh, homegrown tomatoes for his voice so we were glad to see all our not-unreasonable demands had been met.




Jo has also kindly given us some exciting climbing French bean seeds to try. Dan says we should have another competition but we all know where that will lead – to Dan losing again. He’s not an award-winning vegetable grower like me and other Jo, you see. Jo had even brought in an album of her many prizes for her produce – something for both Dan and I to aspire to although I am already half way there what with my silver cup and sheaf of certificates (Dan has none). Anyway, all in all it was a splendid evening and we’re very pleased to have helped Jo and her posse reach their fundraising total for adaptations to the village shop.

If you’d like us to come and do a show in your village then do get in touch.



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