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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Spanish Civil War

When we were at Fordhall Organic Farm on Sunday we met the chair of trustees Chris who is also a songwriter and performer with an outfit called Three Men in a Bow Tie. He seemed very nice but in fact was a trouble-maker, sparking discord between me and Dan. Basically Chris came up with the excellent idea of writing a song about the evil Spanish slugs that have invaded Britain. Apparently they can grow up to five inches long, eat dead mice and each other. So I said I was going to write a song about a Spanish slug called Juan who’d come to England for a package holiday and fancied his chances with the local lady slugs but then Dan piped up and said HE was going to write a better song about a Spanish slug that was a bull fighter. So now Dan and I are at WAR over who can write the best Spanish slug song. Dan says we are both going to sing our Spanish slug songs when they are finished and our audience can judge whose is best.

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