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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Signs of life

My allotment is quite barren at the moment but there are nevertheless some encouraging signs of life such as this garlic shoot thrusting through the soggy London clay. Maybe this year I am destined for a bumper crop of garlic like in Dan’s song about a bumper crop of garlic.

I have a cold and sore throat at the moment, as I informed Ryan Kennedy on BBC Radio Shropshire this morning. I apologised for my voice being a bit croaky but WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID was that I had a frog in my throat, which would have been hilarious and made all the listeners to BBC Radio Shropshire weep with laughter because a frog is something you find in gardens. Get it? Ha ha ha. When Prince Charles recently had a frog named after him he told reporters he was very touched. He said: “I have a lump in my throat – or is it a frog?” And everyone laughed. Does this mean that Prince Charles is more quick-witted than me even though I am one of the top two funniest vegetable cultivation-based musical comedians in the UK?

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