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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Sights of Salop

We have seen many wondrous sights during our sojourn in Shropshire including this giant wicker watering can in the car park at Dobbies Garden World near our hotel in Shrewsbury. Shropshire – or Salop – is rife with garden centres including the exciting Percy Thrower’s Gardening Centre named after the great man who lived and worked in Shrewsbury. On our travels we have also passed the town of Wellington, which in a round-about way gave its name to the wellington boot.

We really enjoyed last night’s show at Trefonen (pronounced Trev-on-an) Village Hall. However, it seems practically everyone in Trefonen has met Alan Titchmarsh and someone’s daughter even got a kiss off him at a cocktail party, which is not fair. “Your day will come,” one of these lucky people told me and I hope that is true. Apparently Alan has an exciting Lord Lieutenant’s uniform, which includes spurs. I’d like to see him in that. Tonight we’re in Chelmarsh, which according to Wikipedia has a very low crime rate. Dan will be pleased as he is always worrying about our equipment being stolen. Did I mention that last night he drove the tour bus into a hedge? Both the hedge and bus survived.

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