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Shock breaking news! The Prime Minister says something sensible

Concerned readers of Dan’s allotment blog (and his readers do rapidly become deeply concerned) will have read the reports that the government was planning to scrap local authorities’ obligation to provide allotments. This would presumably have meant the land would be sold off to Tesco, so we’d all be forced to buy our vegetables at Tesco.

What with the excitement of the recent referendum and local elections, I missed the latest news on the matter. Many allotment-holders have been quite upset by the proposal, and have expressed their outrage by signing petitions. No doubt the more radical types have been sharpening their carrots and spraying “anarchist” symbols on their sheds. This led the Prime Minister to make a sensible remark in the House of Commons.

He said allotments are “extremely important” and the movement has his “full support”. This is fantastic, fantastic news, particularly at a time when almost nothing else seems to have the Prime Minister’s full support. The Independent on Sunday is taking all the credit.

I feel like we should have a celebration. Perhaps I’ll drop in on Jo’s allotment with some Prosecco, and tell her the happy tidings.

You can watch the footage of the Prime Minister saying something sensible here. The sensible part is between 23:52 and 24:48.

1 comment to Shock breaking news! The Prime Minister says something sensible

  • Dilys Cluer

    Remember that in the past prime ministers have said a minister in trouble has their ‘full support’ and a week later they’ve been sacked. I believe the govt. is still going to scrap the ‘6 requests’ rule and rely on local people getting allotment provision through local plans in the Localism Bill – which will make it much, much harder.

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