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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Road to Ropsley

We had a somewhat hair-raising trip to our last show in Lincolnshire on Sunday as our destination – Ropsley – was pretty much cut off by snow drifts covering all roads into the village. After several aborted attempts to reach Ropsley, I started to wonder if we’d ever get there and whether – for the very first time – we might have to cancel a show. Dan, however, became all the more manically determined to get to Ropsley even if we died in the attempt or had to sleep in the tour bus and eat cucumbers for dinner. He even suggested we abandoned the tour bus, pulled on our show wellies and walked the two or so miles to the village with our instruments on our backs. I was not keen and pointed out that if our fingers fells off due to frostbite then we wouldn’t be able to play our instruments when we got there. Eventually we did manage to drive/skid into the village and the show went on as it must. Dan seemed to think our adventure was a great lark like something out of Boys’ Own magazine and was practically skipping with glee in a most annoying fashion whereas I was cold and disgruntled. “Jo. This is proof that you must never worry about anything ever,” he said, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Anyway, we did the show and it was a very good show and we had a lovely time meeting the jolly folk of Ropsley who came to see us despite the snow and ice. After the show someone told me I reminded them of Miranda Hart, so all was well. I was, of course, worried about getting out of Ropsley, which was sensible as the roads had iced up. But we managed it by slip-sliding along the road we had come in on. Overall it was a great victory over the elements but it made me realise that we are ill-equipped to deal with Arctic conditions. Ironically, the one thing we DON’T carry in the Can You Dig It? tour bus is a spade.

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  • Dilys

    Anyone going on a journey with that sort of weather forecast should carry a spade and also sleeping bag! But well done to the folk of Ropsley for turning out and I’m sure they had a great time.

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