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Pumpkin high

Today is Thanksgiving so happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. I am hosting a British version of the feast and this is my home-made pumpkin pie made from pumpkins from my allotment. I have been eating a lot of pumpkin recently including home-made pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin curry and pumpkin soup. The pie is one of my favourite pumpkin recipes and comes courtesy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Americans often use tinned (or canned, if you’re American) pumpkin to make their pies but it is very sweet and a startling luminous orange colour (or color, if you’re American) so looks like nuclear waste or what I imagine nuclear waste to look like. Hugh’s pie uses real pumpkin or squash and is a delicious pudding, mainly because you can’t actually taste the pumpkin. The brown bits are raisins soaked in rum.

2 comments to Pumpkin high

  • Dusty

    Very nice looking pie.
    The raisins are a good idea.
    I am a little confused by your description of tinned pumpkin in America.
    I have never seen pumpkin sweetened in the can.
    Those of us who cook especially those of us who garden, use small “pie pumpkins”, some buy canned pumpkin, but the color is darker than your pie, sort of a burnt orange.
    Most Americans, I am sorry to say just buy their pies either frozen or ready to eat.

    As you point out, not being able to taste the pumpkin is one of the best things about pumpkin pie. Actually, some of the best pumpkin pies I have had were made with sweet potatoes. My grandmother used to do that.

    Your allotment is an urban garden, correct? We garden in a plot in an inner city community garden. We are close enough to downtown that we actually grow things for a full zone warmer than our area.

    If you want to share the pie recipe, we would be very happy to try to make it.

    Thank you for a refreshing gardening blog!

  • Jo

    Hello, Dusty!

    This is the recipe for the pumpkin pie (and some other pumpkin recipes) from one of my favourite cooks: The raisins soaked in rum are really nice.

    I was introduced to canned pumpkin by my friend who lives in New York state. The stuff I am talking about is Libby’s canned pumpkin: which you can buy in England but looking at the picture I can see that maybe it’s not quite as bright an orange as I remember!

    I like the idea of making pie with sweet potato. Sounds like it might be even nicer than actual pumpkin.

    My allotment is sort of an “urban garden” although I live in the London suburbs so it is not exactly inner city. It is surrounded by homes though and about 15 minutes’ walk from my house. There are about 40 plots in all.

    It’s great to hear from fellow urban gardeners. let me know how you get on with the pie.

    Happy gardening,


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