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Pumpkin-headed Jo

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AAAGH! It’s a horrible human/vegetable hybrid come to destroy the world! Not really – it’s just me with a hollowed out squash on my head. Why did I put a hollowed out squash on my head? A good question. Basically my head was there, the hollowed squash was there and it just seemed the right thing to do. If you ever feel like putting a hollow squash/pumpkin on your head then here’s a tip – put a tea towel on your head first like I did. This helps stop pumpkin juice from dribbling down your face and neck – but not entirely.

Anyway, this is the giant squash I grew this year and I am very proud of it. And I am not the only one to dream of monstrous half human, half-veg beings because Dan’s new album with his band Pig with the Face of a Boy is called The Girl with the Arms Made from Marrows. The title song is a very sad story about a girl with marrows for arms who goes to seek her fortune in the big city and meets a horrid pickler. I think she sets up a veg stall but it doesn’t end well. I’m afraid the story of Pumpkin-headed Jo doesn’t end well either. It ends with me eating my own head. In fact I ate a bit of it last night in a pumpkin curry.

Dan and his pals have made a video of one of the other songs on the album – Middle. It’s about a nasty climate change denier and is very clever because it was filmed in one shot. You can watch it here.


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