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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Our album is very scary

We’ve finished all the studio work on the Can You Dig It? album, and Nick, maestro of all technology, has done some stuff with a computer and wires that makes it sound wonderful.

The final stage, before the album can be pressed, is to create a “master CD” with all the tracks in the right order, as a basis for the factory to create a glass master. At this point it’s important to get everything exactly right. But my first effort had a minor fault, which meant we couldn’t use it.

It seemed such a shame to throw it in the bin as I’d put a lot of effort into it, plus it was a high-quality recordable CD costing almost a pound.

Later that evening at the allotment, I noticed there had been some more ground-level damage to my beans. It can’t be a slug, I thought, as there are no slime trails. And I’d put down pellets (the organic ones) which Jo tells me off for using. So the culprit is probably our local pigeon. I decided to fashion the first ever CD of Can You Dig It? into a rudimentary bird-scarer, designed to reflect sunlight in an alarming manner.

A CD bird scarer

It won’t be effective at frightening the pigeon, though – to understand why, you’ll have to wait until the album launch in early August. If you can’t wait that long, you must break into my allotment, steal the CD, and listen to track 3.

Be quick, though. The sunlight will degrade the surface in a day or two.


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