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Oh My Gourd

Dan and I are having a gourd growing competition although I appear to have fallen at the first hurdle as none of my seeds have germinated. So far it is Dan: 4 and Jo: 0. We’re growing (or trying to grow) canteen gourds, which our friend Flatfoot Johnny will make into banjos and ukuleles. In fact Flatfoot Johnny, who is an excellent banjo player, has very kindly agreed to play on the album for Can You Dig It? on one of his hand-made gourd banjos. Anyway, Dan will no doubt believe that the fact he has managed to make his seeds grow while mine are missing, presumed dead, is evidence of his superior vegetable cultivation skills. So I would like to set the record straight – the reason my seeds have not germinated it because of faulty seeds, faulty pots, faulty compost and faulty water and nothing to do with me (although the fact I keep digging up the seeds to ‘see how they’re getting on’ may be a factor). Dan has taken pity on me and given me two of his spare seeds, which I am going to nurture like children. I have just bought them some special compost. Fingers crossed!

6 comments to Oh My Gourd

  • Dan

    You’ll be sad to hear that another banjo has germinated, making 5.

  • Jo

    Gourd seed update: nothing has happened. Am itching to dig them up and check progress although I know this is WRONG. Dan said to put them on a warm windowsill. The trouble is that my flat is like an ice palace. There are no warm windowsills.

  • Jo

    Thrilling news! ONE of my old gourd seeds has germinated. I am ecstatic! Maybe ALL the others will grow now and I will end up BEATING Dan! He wouldn’t like that!

  • Jo

    Competition is hotting up in the Gourd-a-thon as two more of my gourd seeds have germinated bringing the grand total to three. Dan: 5, Jo: 3.

  • Jo

    I hope Dan doesn’t get upset but…THIRTEEN…of my gourds have now germinated. Of course it is another matter entirely whether they actually bear gourds. My seedlings are all small and weak-looking and I’m worried they’re too late and under-developed to do anything. Dan has one ginormous gourd plant in particular which looks very promising so he could still win.

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