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New year! New plot!

Last year, all my vegetables died. There are trees on three sides of my allotment plot, which have gradually grown into a dense forest canopy, blocking out most of the sunlight. We are not, I’m told, allowed to cut any of these trees down, the rumour being that they are holding up the hill, and in their absence the entire allotment site would slide onto the London to Brighton railway line.

So I asked for a sunnier plot and was offered this one right at the top of the site. Presumably they consider me to be “young and athletic”. It’s 85 metres up and affords magnificent views of the London Borough of Lewisham.

The first thing I did was to move the shed, which you can see in the left of the picture. Next I shall buy a mule to cart up all the well-rotted manure I’m encouraged to use.

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