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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Man in the Ironic Mask

I went to Hampton Court Flower Show earlier this week and here are just a few of the interesting things I saw like this man in a gas mask in a vegetable garden. Apparently this garden was inspired by the Metallica song I Disappear and shows that if we grow our own we can both be self-sufficient and help purify the atmosphere – the man is breathing in purified air created by plant photosynthesis. It also highlights the loss of allotment land to building projects, according to the show brochure. I am thinking of rigging up a similar set-up on my allotment so I can breathe in vegetable air when I feel tired.

gas mask











Another interesting thing was this display of basil, which smelt wonderful. When I first saw it I screeched: “Basil!” like Sybil from Fawlty Towers but no one found that funny except me.










And here is an exciting vegetable garden taken to the show by our friend Paolo from Seeds of Italy. It is inspired by Roman veg patches and was created with help of historians from Fishbourne Roman Palace. There were some centurions guarding it but they had gone to lunch when I took this photo. Dan would like this garden as it contains lots of cavalo nero – which has a starring role in one of his songs for the show.


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