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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Maggot Man

After a fun show in Hinckley last night we hot-footed it to BBC Radio Leicester this morning to be on the breakfast show with the lovely Monica Winfield. We were on after a phone interview with a man who had just spent six hours in bath of maggots for Comic Relief. He’d planned to stick it out for 12 hours but had to get out to go the toilet, he explained. The bath was outside because if it had been too warm the maggots would have turned into flies. The smell was dreadful, apparently. However, the main thing the chap was complaining about was the fact people keep referring to him as “Maggot Man”. I mean, what does he expect? Next time he’s thinking of doing it with spiders, which gave me an idea. For next Red Nose Day Dan is going to try and break the world record for staying in a bath full to the brim with slugs. As luck would have it, I have a spare bath on my allotment ready and waiting for such a stunt.

We’re in the city of Leicester at the moment where we are doing some in depth research for our next show all about archaeology – Can You Dig It Up? – by viewing a display about the remains of Richard III that were found in a car park here. I might write a love song to Richard III. Later on we’re off to Glenfield for a show at Glenfield Village Hall.

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