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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Let battle commence!

The kale planted by the good people of Didcot when we did our show at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in south Oxfordshire has come up. I am impressed with the neatness of this row of seedlings. However, there is no sign of the sweetcorn also planted in Didcot. It may have been drowned by the copious amounts of rain we have been getting.

Our Greenfingers Challenge may not be the most scientific of surveys but it has thrown up some interesting results. In Didcot, people clearly take their gardening seriously as this kale has been sown with care and following the instructions on the packet. In other venues audiences have unleashed their creativity such as the lovely ladies from Berwick who wrote “Alan” in peas and in some places people have been downright silly – that 1p still hasn’t grown, north Devon. However, Dan and I are now gearing up for an incredible battle that will re-open old wounds and re-ignite historic rivalries. I speak of course of Lancashire v Yorkshire, the next two counties we’re visiting.

This weekend we’re heading up to Lancashire for two shows – Bleasdale Parish Hall on Friday and one at The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf on Saturday. The very next weekend we are heading up to Yorkshire for a show at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts in Halifax. But which county will triumph in our Greenfingers Challenge – basically the modern-day equivalent of the War of the Roses, or rather Vegetables? We can’t wait to find out. Lancastrians and Yorkshire folk, pull on your thorn-proof gloves and let battle commence!

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