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Jo’s a guerrilla

guerrilla 010

This is my latest guerrilla gardening effort. I have planted some spare marigolds and some nasturtiums that I grew on my allotment around this tree. The black thing emerging from the ground at the back is not a scary cobra or alien worm, it’s the watering tube for the tree. It’s quite a new tree, you see. Anyway, this may not look like much now but if the nasturtiums take off like they have at my allotment then soon the whole street will be swamped with them and everyone will either be delighted by the beautiful jumble of brightly-coloured blooms or hate me. I have also done some gardening in a hole in the pavement a bit further round the corner but I didn’t take a photo because an ant, or possibly a horrid human, has snipped off most of the flower heads.

Dan and I will be popping up at the Horniman Museum’s Gardens Festival on Sunday. We’ll be doing a 45-minute performance in the bandstand from 12.30pm and then running a drop-in carrot recorder-making workshop on the bandstand terrace from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. I hope the weather is good.

The event is part of the fabulous Chelsea Fringe and we’ll be chatting about this on BBC Radio London tomorrow afternoon on the Jo Good show just after 4pm. When I told Dan that Jo Good is like a mini review of me, he showed his disgust at this feeble attempt at a Jo Ke by not saying anything. We’ll also be doing a song live on air.






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