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Jo is the champion


Yesterday was one of the proudest days of my life when I was crowned Queen of Flower Arranging and best novice jam-maker at my local produce show. Above is a picture of me with my award-winning allotment blackberry jam (although I must admit that I only picked the blackberries and my best friend actually made the jam but picking the berries is the hard bit, I reckon, so I am entitled to the glory). Below is my winning flower arrangement, which also earned me a massive silver cup. The fact I was the only person who bothered to enter any sort of flower arrangement in no way diminishes my achievement. No one can deny the fact that I am now officially the best floral artist in the whole of Harrow, north London.



However, perhaps my proudest achievement was winning first prize for my beans (non runner) as there were actually quite a lot of entries in this category. I also got a third prize for my courgettes (out of four) and a second prize for my patty pan squash (out of two).


Here are the courgettes, which must not exceed 150mm in length. I had planned to enter my round courgettes, which are much more impressive, but I didn’t have four the same size.


And finally, the squash, which I think should have won. The only other person to enter this category had also entered patty pan squash but one was big and one was small – so much for conformity. Mine were both the same size. Also – I had done some research, which said the optimum size for harvesting patty pan squash was two to four inches, which is why I harvested mine when they reached about four inches wide. But the other person had a seven-incher and five-incher, which I would argue were TOO BIG. To be fair, I think the winner’s squash were in better condition so maybe that over-rides everything but still.



I will be back next year when I hope to retain my flower-arranging title and win many MORE prizes. Did you know you can just enter of a plate of blackberries? Growing them takes no effort at all! I must remind Dan to update all our posters and show literature to say that I am an award-winning vegetable grower.





2 comments to Jo is the champion

  • Dilys Cluer

    Well done, Jo! Glad these shows are still on and encouraging gardeners. I used to enjoy our local show when I was a child.

  • Jo Mills

    Well Done Jo! Don’t worry we’ll tell everyone what a fabulous prize-winner you are when you come to Seavington St Mary with ‘Can You Dig It?’ on September 14th!!!

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