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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Is Dan a murderer?

The Alan peas from Berwick are doing very well, as you can see. You can even just make out the word “Alan” (although it could say Aagh! or pretty much anything to be honest). At least they are healthy and happy seedlings. But what has happened to the seedlings from our first two shows? I have seen them growing, I know they exist. But Dan is being very secretive about their progress, which makes me suspect he has killed them. I think the world needs to see evidence that they are still alive otherwise how can future Can You Dig It? audiences trust us to care for the seeds they plant as part of our Greenfingers Challenge. We are currently preparing for our next show in Leamington Spa on April 20 and want Leamingtonites to feel confident that they are not placing precious seeds into the grimy hands of a plant murderer, Dan.

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