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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Ireleth: where carrots grow on trees

Dan and I were slightly concerned when we realised we were playing a “temperance hall”. Would we be faced with a crowd of stony-faced Methodists who’d pelt us with rotten tomatoes if we failed to provide an enlightening evening of vegetable cultivation-based musical sobriety? But nothing could be further from the truth. The good folk at Ireleth Temperance Hall gave us one of the warmest welcomes we’ve ever had on tour and had even decked out the stage with a carrot tree and other gardening props.

The stage was also decorated with impressive strings of homegrown onions and we were treated to Jenny’s delicious French onion soup made from this year’s crop. Not only that, but long-standing hall committee member Margaret had brought along some of her lovely, sweet yellow tomatoes, and sandwiches made from fresh eggs from her hens.

Also, Jenny’s husband Steve turned out to be some kind of saviour. He not only fixed the Can You Dig It? table, screwing it back together, but also managed to find a special battery for my ukulele tuner (I have repaid him by stealing it).

Far from being temperate, the night was very jolly indeed, aided by some locally brewed Foxfield beer. Dan and I are very professional so couldn’t drink before or during the show but I enjoyed a couple of pints afterwards while Dan packed up. Poor Dan was driving (ha ha ha) so couldn’t have any. However, the Ireleth Angels even had a solution for that, filling up a couple of Evian bottles with beer for Dan to enjoy in the comfort of his B&B bedroom. Below is a classy photo of Dan relaxing with his beer.









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