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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

How do u know if you’re a loser?

Dan has been analysing the traffic to the Can You Dig It? website and has unearthed some interesting information about the search terms that have led people here. For example, we are the number one search result for “Shropshire bag lady” and for “Movie with a giant squirrel”. We also come up when people ask important questions like “Can you dig in woods?” and “Can you dig a well in the UK?”, “Can African land snails eat rhubarb?” and “Can you dig on an allotment at night?” Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to any of these questions and would have to look on the internet myself. However, I can answer the person who searched for “Do carrots grow on trees?” No, they don’t. Worryingly we have also been found by people searching for “Potatooohaha” and “plastic rain hair bonnet cheerleading”. Other search terms that have led people to our site include:

Someone to prune my fruit trees in Warwickshire (I’m not doing it as I have enough trouble working out how to my own and neither is Dan – sorry)

Girl wearing wellingtons (me, I suppose)

Slugs in living room and “I have a slug in my house” (quite a popular one)

Slugs in my face (worrying – we are third result for that)

Dr DG Hessayon (yey!)

Music to grown chillies to (good)

Female gardeners (me, again – although I am not the only one)

Hilarious hosepipe jokes (hmmm – we don’t know any)

Potato carrying pigeon (what?)

How to burn brambles (it is not that hard)

What is the plural of beetroot? (people seem to be very concerned about this – I believe the plural of beetroot is beetroot)

Pickled pigeon (eurrgh)

Can I sleep on my allotment? (number one search result)

Dan finds it hilarious that we come up for “how to make a trumpet” and “how to make a real trumpet”. He fears people who want to make “real” trumpets may be disappointed by our advice on making trumpets out of cucumbers.

Excitingly, we are the number one search result for “utter excitement” and “complete excitement”, which is fair because vegetable cultivation based musical comedy is very exciting and we lead very exciting lives. However, we have also come up when one person searched for “How do u know if you’re a loser”. I fear that searching for “How do u know if you’re a loser” is the first sign (as well as analysing the web traffic to your website).

1 comment to How do u know if you’re a loser?

  • Dilys

    You obviously CAN dig on an allotment at night, but whether you SHOULD is a different matter. From my camping experience, on a wet night the earthworms come up and crawl around, so going on your allotment might cruelly squash them (unless you frighten them back into their holes with strong torchlight, which works remarkably well!)

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