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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Hosepipe ban? What hosepipe ban?

Good news! While millions of gardeners are labouring under the hosepipe ban and fear seeing their beloved crops shrivel and die before their very eyes, Dan and I are allowed to use a hosepipe to water veg – as long as it’s part of the show. This is true because we have checked. Dan contacted Thames Water to clarify whether we’d be able to water plants with a hose as part of an hilarious hosepipe skit or whether we’d get into trouble. Apparently it’s perfectly acceptable, according to Kirsty from Thames Water who confirmed: “This is a commercial use so you will be fine. Good luck with the show.” To clarify, that’s “fine” as in “okay” and not “you will be fined”. At least we hope so. So it seems we can water veg and plants with hosepipes for comedy purposes but not actually use hosepipes on our allotments. HOWEVER, I have a cunning plan, which involves us touring the show to actual allotment sites complete with our new, hilarious hosepipe sketch. If we accidentally water people’s crops in the process then that’s “fine”, according to Thames Water. If you would like us to perform Can You Dig It? on your plot then please do get in touch.

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