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Horror carrots

Aaagh! Look at these scary carrots, or scarrots, as I like to call them. Imagine how frightened I was when I unearthed these hideously deformed mutants at my allotment today. I fear this is the consequence of my lax attitude towards thinning. I basically didn’t bother and probably sowed (sew?) the seeds too closely in the first place because I never follow instructions on seed packets. However, they have their uses. I have arranged the carrots above to form a word. Can you tell what it is? Yes, that’s right. The carrots definitely spell DAN. Like every performer, he longs to see his name in lights. Well, I have gone one better and done it in carrots. I hope he likes it.

1 comment to Horror carrots

  • Amy

    That’s amazing! I wonder why your carrots did that!

    We have heavy clay soil and are apparently not supposed to be able to grow straight carrots but they always come out straight! Also because we’re on the side of a hill, the carrot fly, who only fly straight, get confused and leave ours alone.

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