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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Heaps of effort

I spent all morning building this – my master piece, or masterheap – basically a new compost heap.


It may look relatively simple but it took ages because first I had to select the right pallets from my collection of pallets and then I had to repair one of them and then I had to level off the ground and then nail the thing together. All in all I am pleased with it. It will be a shame to ruin it with compost.

It’s been a very exciting day today because not only did I complete my masterheap but when I got back from the allotment I found the schedule for my local produce show had arrived. I immediately turned to the flower-arranging section to find out what kind of displays I will have to come up with this year in order to retain my silver cup and remain the champion. The categories are: On The Seashore (accessories allowed), All Green (green plant material only) and Let There Be Light (an arrangement featuring a candle). This is all very thrilling. I can’t wait to win again.

I have also been busy rehearsing songs because Dan and I are on tour again – this time with a ukulele-based cabaret show hosted by our friend Tricity Vogue. It’s annoying because Dan plays the ukulele in it and that is MY instrument. We’re doing shows in Leicesterhsire on Friday and Saturday but don’t worry, we are still doing Can You Dig It? too. Our next show is in my home town of Harrow, north west London, on March 19. You can book tickets here.




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