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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Green people

stokey 002One of the best things about taking part in the Chelsea Fringe has been meeting fellow gardening and grow-your-own enthusiasts. Today I went on something of a magical mystery tour of garden centres and shops in London to dish out a few more flyers for our show on Saturday.

I started at the brilliant Growing Life shop where they sell all sorts of exciting stuff to help urban gardeners and people who want to grow things indoors then visited the lovely N1 Garden Centre – see photo – and King Henry’s Walk Garden where Dan and I did a performance last year. It’s their annual fete on Saturday from noon to 4pm.

Next was the brilliant Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, which is currently hosting the Dalston Flower Show, a three-week gardening and grow-your-own festival that concludes this weekend. stokey 012

Just down the road from this oasis is the FARM: shop, which is an amazing mix of cafe, allotment and aquaponics farm where they grow fish and salad in the front and have a polytunnel out the back that would be the perfect venue for one of our shows. They even have a room upstairs where they grow mushrooms.

stokey 022

I also popped to Stoke Newington briefly to visit John’s Garden Centre. Everyone I met today was very helpful and nice, which seems to be the default setting for gardening folk.

Last night I did a few songs from the show at the Permaculture Picturehouse where I was the warm-up act for a talk on solar power. I am now determined to get some solar panels on my roof. Tomorrow both Dan and I are popping up at the Forest Hill Society’s Evening of Gardening Fun, which is an excellent name for an event. It’s all go!

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