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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Gardening is not a game, Dan

A few days ago Dan sent me a link to a sort of online gardening game on Kew Gardens’ website. You basically have to try and care for a plant by giving it the right amount of water, sunlight, food etc. Twitter comes into it somewhere too. So I had a go, starting with what is billed as a “simple” plant to grow – the house leek (not actually a vegetable). I gave it some sun and some water and some food and then three doses of sun and another of water, a bit more food and some more suns and managed to make it grow to the first step. “This is easy,” I thought. So I confidently doused my house leek with more suns, more waters, more food and it continued to grow. Then suddenly a message flashed up saying something like: “Your next step is crucial because your plant is about to DIE.” What??!! This was a dreadful shock. I stopped playing because it was all too stressful. The irony is that I own numerous real house leeks. I rarely do anything to them or worry about their welfare and they just seem to get on with it but there didn’t seem to be an “ignore” option in the game. Also I am slightly concerned that Dan is messing around with silly games instead of caring for his allotment or re-potting the purple sprouting broccoli seedlings I gave him OR rehearsing for the next thrilling preview of Can You Dig It? Tsk.

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