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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Four stars in What’s On Stage

Here’s the review of Can You Dig It? in What’s On Stage. We’re glad we cheered him up.

Compost metaphors trickled through my slowly decomposing brain as I wormed my way down to the Royal Botanic Garden in pursuit of Can You Dig It?, Dan Woods’ and Jo Stephenson’s comic paean to allotments and the cultivation of vegetables. Mightn’t it be a load of old manure; that sort of thing. Yes, I know. Probably, I wasn’t on the best of form. It’s a long walk.

Well worth the hike, though. This is a riot of pleasant songs, interspersed with the odd sketch, about sprouts, slugs, experts, Derrick the Evil Pigeon, The World’s Hottest Red-Hot Chilli and of course, Alan Titchmarsh. Ah, Alan Titchmarsh…

Stephenson’s whimsically kooky manner is offset by Woods’ deadpan delivery and it’s all accompanied by a ukelele, an accordion, a keyboard and a medley of seasonal vegetables.

This is a horticultural revue, a musical cornucopia, Flanders and Swann propagated by The People Show, with added probiotic potential.

– Craig Singer

This means we can put “THIS IS A RIOT!” on our posters. Hooray.

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