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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Four stars in The Telegraph

Here’s another review of Can You Dig It? in the Daily Telegraph. They got my name wrong in the print version, which has been corrected in the online article.

Review of Can You Dig It? at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in the Daily Telegraph

Any show featuring a power ballad dedicated to “my muddy little munchkin” Alan Titchmarsh is going to be popular with a legion of female gardeners. But even men – and women – who fail to see the sexual attraction in the Gardener’s World Presenter will smile at lines like “I’d gaze into your crinkly eyes, though I’d have to bend down ‘cos you’re half my size.”

The gardeners in the audience for Can you Dig It certainly guffawed at songs about smug allotment neighbours, vegetable theft and the joy of sprouts.

Even if your garden is not targeted by “an evil pigeon called Derrick”, it is difficult not to laugh at a song about the birds taking over the world. And, though you may not have lost all your cabbages this season to pests, a rap battle between a slug and a gardener is highly entertaining.

Fortunately, given the caprice of the Scottish weather, the play is set indoors though there is a refreshing view over the Royal Botanic Gardens and the performers are in wellies.

Jo Stephenson on the ukulele and Dan Woods on the accordion, cucumber trumpet and carrot pipes are talented musicians and witty writers, even when they are parodying a parody.

The pair are not only tapping into a revival in cabaret but the explosion in grow your own as people long to get back to nature, save money and do their bit for the planet.

Not since the 1970s sitcom The Good Life have so many people been interested in growing their own fruit and veg, or the subject been so ripe for satire. All those budding Toms and Barbaras should watch this show – plus the people who like to laugh over the garden fence.

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