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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Expert in the sex lives of slugs

Dan and I were privileged to meet a genuine slug expert last night. Our host for our show at St Thomas’ Church Hall in Stanhope, County Durham, was Dr Sarah whose PhD research focused on the sex lives of slugs. We have learned a lot like the fact all slugs start off male and it is only when they get bigger that they develop female bits too. Anyway, Sarah says she has hours of grainy black and white footage of slugs mating and also has “ripped the gonads out of hundreds of the buggers”. However, she has since moved on from slugs and is now an expert in noise and vibrations.

We nearly didn’t make it to Stanhope as our tour bus was ill. We had to stop at some services and wait for an AA doctor to come and look at her. Thankfully it was nothing serious. Kevin the AA man tinkered with some tubes and she was as right as rain, which was a relief because Dan’s contingency plan involved me going to Stanhope and doing the show by myself.

I am currently at another services where there is a rack of scarecrows on special offer for £9.99. Dan and I have been wondering what kind of person stops off for a toilet break and impulse buys a scarecrow. I think I have just seen Christopher Biggins – maybe he was after a cut-price scarecrow.

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