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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

DG speaks! To us!

Today the most exciting thing imaginable happened – we got an email from…Dr DG Hessayon, the fount of all gardening knowledge!!! I am still in shock and shaking. He says he has heard our song inspired by his Expert series of gardening books and thinks it is “great fun”. “I’ve gathered a number of honours over the years – Guinness World Record, OBE, pocketful of honorary doctorates, book Oscars and so on, but having a song is the cutest!” he writes. And he has offered to post Dan and me signed copies of his NEXT Expert book so “we don’t have to go on ebay”. He signed his email “Dave” (DG stands for David Gerald) but we can’t possibly call him Dave because it seems wrong. To us he will always be Dr Hessayon or DG, the oracle and the ultimate expert to end all experts. Eek!

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