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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Dan v the daddy-long-legs

We enjoyed a fun show in Chelmarsh last night, marred only by the appearance of a host of daddy-long-legs in our changing area. I would not describe myself as squeamish as I will happily pick up frogs, worms, slugs and spiders. However, for some reason I have a morbid dread of daddy-long-legs, which, I believe, stems from an incident in childhood when a daddy-long-legs flew into my mouth.

Dan and I had about 10 minutes until the start of the show when suddenly a giant daddy-long-legs appeared, sending me scurrying to the door. I screeched at Dan to kill it but he was useless, claiming he couldn’t see it even though it was a particularly large and gangly specimen. Eventually, I managed to kill it myself but only when it was inches from attacking me. Then – horror of horrors – ANOTHER daddy-long-legs entered the fray. This time Dan managed to stamp on it with his wellington so redeemed himself a bit but then ANOTHER one came for me and I had to save myself again by crushing it with my welly. It was all very traumatic but I do not blame Chelmarsh, which was otherwise lovely.

However, I shall be asking my agent to insert a clause into my Can You Dig It? contract, which explicitly states that Dan must kill and/or remove any daddy-long-legs that come within 20 metres of me. I think that is fair.




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