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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Dan takes a bow

We have spent the last couple of days listening to near final versions of the tracks for the Can You Dig It? CD. It sounds great. We’re very lucky to have such a creative and talented record producer in the form of Nick Trepka and I’m very lucky to have Dan, who is some kind of musical genius. Not only can he play the piano, accordion, cucumber trumpet and carrot Pan-pipes, he can also play the violin, which he revealed when we decided we needed a bluegrass fiddle for one of the tracks. Here he is, fiddling away in the studio. When he came in he muttered something about having forgotten how to play the violin and claimed his playing would sound like a bunch of cats in a bag being jabbed with knitting needles. But he was lying! In fact it was brilliant and sounds amazing on the track, which is a country and western-style number about a woman who grows cabbages. I have just been listening to it. I wonder what other instruments Dan can play, probably all of them. Except percussion. He claims he can’t percuss. But he’s probably lying about that too.

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