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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

I am an Expert

We had great fun doing our show today to a sold out house at the Royal Botanic Garden, although I’m worried that during the last song I accidentally spat at a reviewer who was sitting in the front row.

One of the numbers we perform is about Dr DG Hessayon, the author of the “Expert” series of gardening books, and advocate of inorganic gardening. He once claimed that people who never have to use chemical sprays are either lying, lucky, or living on poor crops. Jo plays the part of Dr Hessayon’s wife. The song makes a lot more sense if you are familiar with Dr Hessayon’s impressive back catalogue.

The Expert

But rather embarrassingly, I discovered today that I am an expert myself, according to The Stage Newspaper. Apparently I know about creating shows on unusual topics. There’s even a photo of me looking supercilious and omniscient, reluctantly offering specks of my infinite wisdom to the readers of The Stage. If Jo sees this I expect she will write a mocking song about me. It will serve me right for pretending to be an expert.


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