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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Dan blows his own trumpet (again)

Recording of the Can You Dig It? CD is entering its final phase. Yesterday we recorded what is perhaps the musical piece de resistance of the show – Dan’s cucumber trumpet. Each trumpet is a work of art and must be lovingly hand-crafted not long before it is due to be played for optimum sound quality. Dan brought his cucumber trumpet-making kit to the studio much to the bemusement of the tattooed rock musician who wandered into the kitchen as Dan was shoving his cucumber into a pepper. The photo below shows Dan taking his instrument through its paces. Although I am no expert, I’d say it’s the best one he has made to date with a lovely, warm tone although Dan probably needs to work on his ’embouchure’. Afterwards we ate the trumpet with some hummus. Not really! Ha ha ha.

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