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Chip chip hooray!

chips 001I have had a team of three tree surgeons working in my back garden for several hours today. Not only are my trees now much healthier and neater but I also have 12 bags of chippings from the trees’ munched up bodies. This is great news seeing as we haven’t had a delivery of chippings to the allotment for a while and I am keen to chip some paths and mulch my raspberry bed. I will also use some of the chippings for a spot of guerrilla gardening in my neighbourhood but shhhh don’t tell anyone. I recently sent off for a huge number of sunflower seeds, which guerrilla gardening headquarters is giving away for FREE. All you have to do is send them an SAE-ed envelope or box. Click here to get some sunflower seeds of your very own and then we can surprise everyone when sunflowers start popping up left, right and centre.

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  • : je pense que la photo a été soumise par des parents, mais en tout cas il y a ratage du côté de la marque niveau modération…@Gilles : you’re welcome !@Vincent : c’est clair ! Tu étais bien référencé (comme toujours) donc ça joue pour le lien

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