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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Loving Ovington

We enjoyed doing the show in Ovington Village Hall last night. The village allotments are right next to the hall and looked lovely in the early evening light. Apparently Ovington is known as the greenest village in Norfolk thanks to its many wind turbines and solar panels.

It was a jolly show despite the fact […]

Walsham le Wilshow


Spring is in the air and we have been sucking it up in Spring-filled Suffolk. Last night we did a show in the delightful village of Walsham le Willows, home of the famous garden weekend. We were very well looked after by hosts Maggie and Rob who had decorated the village hall […]

Alan who? Darling DG is the best!

A gala day today. A large package flomped through my letterbox this morning and to my surprise it was a gift from our hero Dr DG Hessayon – the gardening experts’ expert. If you have seen Can You Dig It? then you will know that we spend a significant chunk of the show […]

Whissonsett set

This is me just before we did our first show of 2014 in the delightful village of Whissonsett in Norfolk. Dan told me to adopt a triumphant pose, which is why I have flung my head and shoulders back. Also note the triumphant squash virtually centre stage. We had a great time doing […]

Suffolk so good

We have added another show – this time in Suffolk! We shall be in the village of Walsham le Willows on Friday, March 14. It seems they are VERY keen gardeners in W-l-W and this year celebrate the 34th anniversary of the Walsham le Willows Open Gardens Weekend – one of the longest-running and […]

Now we’re in Norfolk

It’s our ambition to perform Can You Dig It? in every county in the UK and that quest continues in 2014 starting with a series of shows in Norfolk. On February 22 we’re off to the delightful village of Whissonsett where there is an ongoing battle to get the internet to work. It will be […]

Never work with snails

Everyone knows the old showbiz adage – never work with children and animals. This is probably wise advice but children and animals can be entertaining in some circumstances. Snails, on the other hand, are useless as we discovered when we performed alongside some the other week. We were providing the entertainment at a Christmas […]

Pumpkin-headed Jo

AAAGH! It’s a horrible human/vegetable hybrid come to destroy the world! Not really – it’s just me with a hollowed out squash on my head. Why did I put a hollowed out squash on my head? A good question. Basically my head was there, the hollowed squash was there and it just seemed […]

Jo CAN’T dig it!!!!!

Devastating news. I have a bad back and have been officially told not to do any digging on my allotment. How am I going to dig over my beds? According to my physiotherapist, I am not to do any digging until she has sorted out my back muscles so my plot will just have […]

Two stone monster

Here is a selection of the pumpkins and squashes I have grown on my allotment this year including my mega-squash, which weighs in at TWO STONE. I know because I weighed on the bathroom scales. I wonder if it will taste nice. I think you’ll agree that this is an impressive collection although […]