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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Olympic allotments

One of my friends lives in a block of flats overlooking the Olympic park and I was very excited to get a glimpse of the new allotments being created on the site now that the Olympics has gone away.

Everyone gets their own shed – good. However, at the moment the site […]

Dan’s dream garden

Dan uses an accordion to sing comedy songs about growing vegetables. But our friend Paolo from Seeds of Italy has gone one better by actually using accordions to grow veg. Above is a picture of his fantastic Accordion Garden at Hampton Court Flower Show. Not only has Paolo planted up loads of accordions […]

Tons of plums

Looks like I am set to have a bumper crop of plums this year – goldengages to be precise. This is definitely a first for me seeing as last year I got a grand total of three. I imagine I will end up making jars upon jars of goldengage jam, which is what […]

Jo scares/confuses some children

This is me startling some children with some comedy Morris dancing as part of our performance at the Horniman Museum Gardens Festival on Sunday. They did not know what had hit them.

We had a lovely time at the Horniman, including running one of our biggest ever carrot record-making workshops. We think […]

Other Jo’s quite good at playing cucumber trumpet

Here is Dan posing by a sign during our visit to the BBC London studios earlier today. I don’t know why he is pulling that face. Anyway, we had a jolly time with presenter  Jo Good who doesn’t have a garden attached to her small London flat or even room for a […]

Jo’s a guerrilla

This is my latest guerrilla gardening effort. I have planted some spare marigolds and some nasturtiums that I grew on my allotment around this tree. The black thing emerging from the ground at the back is not a scary cobra or alien worm, it’s the watering tube for the tree. It’s quite a […]

Jo’s an expert in gardens (not)


Here is an arty picture of me pretending to be one of the gardening experts on Gardeners’ Question Time although no self-respecting panellist would show as much cleavage as I am doing here. Yesterday Dan and I took part in the recording of the show’s special programme from the Chelsea Fringe including […]

Shove off (his face) John

My allotment neighbour John – who is immortalised in song in the show – has another side to him, I discovered today. We were discussing the bark chippings that we get for free and the fact that I have been renewing my paths – trundling back and forth to the chipping mound in the […]

Arty jokes

This is a shot of my beloved globe artichoke bed, which has started sprouting artichokes by the dozen. Globe artichokes are my favourite vegetable of all time so today I planted even more. I have only just started getting to grips with my plot after a slow start this year, having been banned […]

Good Norton

On Sunday we were in the Norfolk village of Wood Norton for another fun show. As you can see, Wood Norton has an exciting Scarecrow Weekend. It’s on my list of things to do to make a scarecrow for my allotment. I have got some sacking and old clothes under my bed that […]