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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Catalogue of catastrophe

Dan and I seem to have been hit by some kind of curse meaning that in our last run of shows we have managed to break things left, right and centre. This is on top of the Great Car Boot Disaster, as documented below, which nearly claimed the life of our plant Rodney

Here is a list of casualties of our clumsiness:

1 Two expensive speakers, which crashed out of the car boot. Dan has tested them both and luckily they seem to be working.

2 Rodney, who also tumbled out of the car boot and was flung from his pot. Seriously injured but on the mend.

3 A microphone stand. During our show at Lambley Village Hall, Dan managed to have a fight with this stand as part of our Eurovision dance routine.

4 Joan Hessayon’s glasses – I managed to stand on these during our show at the Sir John Moore Foundation, crushing them to smithereens. For the rest of the shows I had to use my own glasses on top of my contact lenses resulting in blurred vision.

5 My ukulele tuner – also at Sir John Moore, my ukulele fell over and my tuner got smashed. Have ordered a new one. Ukulele okay, thank goodness.

6 Dan’s slug headgear – Dan managed to trash his glittery deeley boppers – also at Lambley. Had to throw them away.

7 Mixer – Dan trod on the mixer during our Eurovision dance at Rampton Village Hall but it seems to be okay.

8 Dan’s windscreen wiper. Dan tried to replace a broken windscreen wiper and snapped a bit off so we had to go to Halfords to get someone to do it for him. It only took the man two seconds to fix each wiper.

And finally…

9) Dan’s street cred. I have learned something disturbing about Dan on this latest leg of our tour and that is that his favourite band in the whole world is Westlife.

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