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Bunny peculiar

fixed bunnyCan you tell what it is yet? Actually, maybe I shouldn’t use that catchphrase any more but never mind… This is my first attempt at the noble art of topiary. If you haven’t guessed then it is supposed to be a rabbit (this is the good side). I think it is quite cute. I am re-designing my garden at the moment and plan to have a lot more topiary in exciting and interesting shapes. Maybe I could carve a hedge into the shape of Dan and then we would never be apart and when I am annoyed with him – as I frequently am – I could hit the hedge on the head with a spade. I used to live near an amazing hedge, which was in someone’s front garden and was shaped like a giant snail but then the shell bit went brown and got chopped off, turning the snail into a giant nightmare slug from a horror film. Ugh!

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