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Bad mood

I am in a bad mood because of an ‘incident’ at my allotment this morning. I arrived in a good mood but sunshine soon turned to clouds when I was yet again greeted by one of my allotment neighbours with the cheery cry: “Hello, part-timer!” He added insult to injury by looking at his watch in an exaggerated fashion as if to imply I was somehow late and had been slacking. This was VERY ANNOYING. Who is he to call me a part-timer? I am always at the allotment and very much full-time despite the fact I am also appearing in the best vegetable cultivation-based musical comedy show EVER, which no one on my allotment actually knows about yet. I can’t tell them because some of the songs are about real people who might get cross and drive me off my plot with forks.

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  • SOO

    You need to talk to Simon. There is so much politics going on at this allotment. Someone burned his shed down because they wanted to drive him out so they could have his allotment.

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