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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Attack of the giant squirrel!

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some kind of scene from a sci-fi movie set in a dystopian future where red squirrels have taken over the world and humans must fight them in terrible battle of Man v Giant Squirrel. Will Smith could play the brave soldier and Andy Serkis of Gollum and King Kong fame could play the Squirrel. But I digress. In fact these characters are just some of the interesting items I have unearthed at my allotment. Unfortunately I haven’t dug up any Roman hoards or a woolly mammoth. It’s mainly been marbles, to be honest, so the bayoneting soldier and squirrel made a nice change. It seems my allotment is crammed with marbles. Maybe this is a common problem, I don’t know. If you have lost your marbles, please get in touch. Actually, don’t.

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