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Alan who? Darling DG is the best!


A gala day today. A large package flomped through my letterbox this morning and to my surprise it was a gift from our hero Dr DG Hessayon – the gardening experts’ expert. If you have seen Can You Dig It? then you will know that we spend a significant chunk of the show celebrating the work of Dr Hessayon – or DG as we like to call him. He has proved to be a much worthier subject for my admiration than the pipsqueak Titchmarsh and this latest gift is yet another example of his generosity and marvellous sense of humour. He has very kindly sent both Dan and I copies of his latest book The NEW Vegetable and Herb Expert. I imagine my squeals of delight were similar to the yells of joy from readers of the Old Testament when the NEW Testament plopped through their letterboxes for The Vegetable and Herb Expert is basically our Bible.

DG has signed both books. He describes me as “the original Expert cheerleader” while the other book is addressed “To Dan – who sing’s ’em while I write ’em”. He also sent us a lovely letter, which explains that he has “included all sorts of weird and wonderful things” in this NEW edition. “According to the newspapers and the radio this is last one I shall write…but who knows?” he concludes, signing off: “From me DG.”

The NEW Vegetable and Herb Expert does indeed look very exciting as it not only features “standard vegetables” but also “non-standard vegetables” and “novelty varieties”. I can’t wait to read it and I am sure Dan feels the same. Thank you DG from the bottom of our artichoke hearts.


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