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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

A tale of two seed trays

Hmm. This is what the village of Bleasdale made of our Greenfingers Challenge. We’re reliably informed that there are seeds planted in this tray in some kind of riotous jumble. The veg on top is mainly for decoration but is a nice touch, I feel. One of Dan’s carrot panpipes has even made its way into the tray somehow. Prime suspects = some young lads on the front row. We’re pleased to see younger members of the audience throwing themselves into this important test of gardening prowess.

Now we’re not quite sure if there are actually any seeds planted in Burscough’s tray although Dan reckons he did see at least one person prodding the soil. We shall just have to wait and see if anything comes up. We were very excited to learn that West Lancashire is famous for its sprouts, adding a certain frisson to our Sprouts song. They really are sprout experts in Burscough as shown in this news article, in which a local farmer reveals the secret to flatulence-free sprouts. Apparently you have to cook them for just six to eight minutes and then chew each mouthful at least 10 times.

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