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Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

A marrow escape

We’ve been very busy recording our album and getting ready for the live show. (If you missed the first preview, we’ve got another one on 20 July at the Canal Cafe, which will be the last chance to see the show before we head up to Edinburgh.)

What with all the excitement, I hadn’t been to my allotment for a week, and I was quite alarmed to find that I’d forgotten to pick my courgettes and they’d grown into yellow marrows.

“We’re having marrow for dinner”, I told our head chef, Amy. “What can we do with marrow?”

“Nothing. We don’t eat marrow. Nobody eats marrow. Why have you grown marrows? Nobody knows what marrows are for. Marrows taste like Volvic.”

“Oh. Right. How about we try cooking some marrow and broad bean potato cakes?” I suggested, desperately trying to invent a recipe that used up the available harvest.

Luckily a few moments later Amy found this recipe for marrow soup. The recipe originates from Fossemagne in France. The French word for a courgette that has been left on the plant for too long is “une courge”.

I made a big batch and froze the extra. It’s a great recipe, made even better if you throw in some shavings of parmesan when serving.

If Jo had grown these marrows, she probably wouldn’t have bothered to cook them, because she owns a copy of “The Garden To Kitchen Expert” by Dr DG Hessayon, which has a chapter on each vegetable explaining how best to eat it raw.

3 comments to A marrow escape

  • I am confused… What were you doing reading the Telegraph?!

    I had always wondered what big courgettes looked like, after they stopped being the little green things you buy in packets in the Supermarket. Now I can sleep easy,

  • Dan

    I think Amy found it via google – as far as I know the Telegraph is only read by a handful of Conservative Party activists who live in the Home Counties.

    You’ve got me worried now. Do you think the recipe might be eurosceptic propaganda?

  • Mill

    Best thing you can do with a marrow is stuff it with mince and rice and whatever else you have handy, then bake it with some cheese on top… :)

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