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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Derrick’s revenge?

The weather has been lovely these past few days, ideal for sitting out in the garden. However, someone, almost certainly Derrick the Evil Pigeon, has targeted my garden bench with this dirty protest.

Tsunami of tsunflower seeds

I am drowning in literally millions sunflower seeds having sent off to Guerrilla Gardening HQ for them. I must admit that I didn’t expect to get quite so many and got a bit of a shock when I opened the envelope and they spewed out onto my lap, the floor and everywhere. I have […]

Chip chip hooray!

I have had a team of three tree surgeons working in my back garden for several hours today. Not only are my trees now much healthier and neater but I also have 12 bags of chippings from the trees’ munched up bodies. This is great news seeing as we haven’t had a delivery of […]

Why we love DG

On Friday a very exciting parcel was delivered containing copies of the latest Expert book by Dr DG Hessayon, sent to us by the great man himself. Dr Hessayon has signed the books, making us both “joint presidents of the Expert Fan Club”, a role which we are honoured to accept. He also included […]

Stuck in Soulby

This is a photo of the lovely village of Soulby in Cumbria where we did a show on Sunday night. It was all very jolly until we tried to leave and our tour bus went on strike again. We found ourselves in the middle of a narrow country lane with the engine refusing to […]

Expert in the sex lives of slugs

Dan and I were privileged to meet a genuine slug expert last night. Our host for our show at St Thomas’ Church Hall in Stanhope, County Durham, was Dr Sarah whose PhD research focused on the sex lives of slugs. We have learned a lot like the fact all slugs start off male and […]

Hells bells

I have spent the morning attaching some new, BIGGER bells to my morris dancing wellies or bellies. Before my bellies were good but there were too quiet, making a faint jingling sound like a fairy coming into a room. Now they are VERY loud, like an army of fairies. Dan will be very impressed. […]

DG speaks! To us!

Today the most exciting thing imaginable happened – we got an email from…Dr DG Hessayon, the fount of all gardening knowledge!!! I am still in shock and shaking. He says he has heard our song inspired by his Expert series of gardening books and thinks it is “great fun”. “I’ve gathered a number of […]

How do u know if you’re a loser?

Dan has been analysing the traffic to the Can You Dig It? website and has unearthed some interesting information about the search terms that have led people here. For example, we are the number one search result for “Shropshire bag lady” and for “Movie with a giant squirrel”. We also come up when people […]